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As an experienced trial lawyer, Mr. Fleck can handle many types of litigation deftly, and because of his background as a white collar criminal prosecutor, he has unique insight into cases involving fraud.

As an experienced trial lawyer, Mr. Fleck can handle many types of litigation deftly, and because of his background as a white collar criminal prosecutor, he has unique insight into cases involving fraud.

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Fraud Lawsuits

The lie might be verbal or in writing. It might be a forged signature or document. It might also be an omission of critical information. Each of these examples can cause the target to make different decisions than they would if they had known the truth. That is fraud. The good news is this:  fraud lawsuits can be easy to win. Once we prove to a jury that the perpetrator lied, they will no longer believe his excuses and explanations. The bad news is this: it can be very hard to recover stolen funds from a perpetrator, because fraudsters typically spend the stolen money as quickly as it comes in. However, most fraud cases also involve other parties who negligently enabled the perpetrator to commit the fraud. Because con artists usually cannot accomplish their schemes alone, often they use their skills of persuasion to convince others to violate their duties to you. These enablers may include attorneys, escrow officers, real estate agents, investment brokers, bankers, valuation experts, or accountants In many cases, we pursue legal action not only against the con artist, but also these enablers to obtain a just outcome for the victim of fraud.

Business, Real Estate and Investment Fraud

While most civil litigators can handle a lawsuit regarding the terms of a contract, our firm differs in our background, training, and experience as criminal prosecutors. The business disputes we litigate typically involve a party who never intended to meet their obligations from the beginning, or a party who used a contract to hide blatant theft from a business partner. Typically, these cases may

Elder Abuse

Elderly persons can be more susceptible to fraud because they are forced to rely upon and trust other people as their abilities decline. Elders often have caregivers with unfettered access to their finances, making them easy targets

Complex Fraud

The firm works with a team of retired federal investigators, local detectives, and forensic accountants to investigate financial crimes. If you believe your business has fallen victim to embezzlement or fraud, we will help you create the right investigative team to find the answers you need

International Fraud

Mr. Fleck has represented victims of fraud from almost every continent. Often, victims are business persons from a foreign country, who have relied on the services of another expatriates from their country and been defrauded. The reason is simple: The con-artist must persuade his target to trust him, and it is easier to build a rapport with somebody with whom one shares a language, culture, and history. Targeting one’s own people even has a name: Affinity Fraud


Embezzlement is unique in that the perpetrator initially had lawful possession of the money they later stole. The typical example is a bookkeeper who has access to the finances of a business. At some point, the bookkeeper needs some extra money to pay his or her personal expenses, so they take some money from the employer. Initially, they intended to pay the money back, but it was easy and nobody noticed. They never pay it back and they take more money, in increasing amounts

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