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Business, Real Estate and Investment Fraud

While most civil litigators can handle a lawsuit regarding the terms of a contract, our firm differs in our background, training, and experience as criminal prosecutors. The business disputes we litigate typically involve a party who never intended to meet their obligations from the beginning, or a party who used a contract to hide blatant theft from a business partner. Typically, these cases may be investigated and prosecuted by law enforcement because one of the parties committed criminal fraud.


Embezzlement is unique in that the perpetrator initially had lawful possession of the money they later stole. The typical example is a bookkeeper who has access to the finances of a business. At some point, the bookkeeper needs some extra money to pay his or her personal expenses, so they take some money from the employer. Initially, they intended to pay the money back, but it was easy and nobody noticed. They never pay it back and they take more money, in increasing amounts.

Financial Elder Abuse

Elderly persons can be more susceptible to fraud because they are forced to rely upon and trust other people as their abilities decline. Elders often have caregivers with unfettered access to their finances, making them easy targets.

International Fraud

Mr. Fleck has represented victims of fraud from almost every continent. Often, victims are business persons from a foreign country, who have relied on the services of another expatriates from their country and been defrauded.  The reason is simple: The con-artist must persuade his target to trust him, and it is easier to build a rapport with somebody with whom one shares a language, culture, and history. Targeting one’s own people even has a name: Affinity Fraud.

Complex Fraud Investigations

The firm works with a team of retired federal investigators, local detectives, and forensic accountants to investigate financial crimes. If you believe your business has fallen victim to embezzlement or fraud, we will help you create the right investigative team to find the answers you need.

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