Civil litigation cases involve a legal dispute between two or more parties. In civil litigation cases, the nature dispute is not criminal and neither party is considered a criminal. The party that brings the claim to the court is called the plaintiff while the other party is referred to as the defendant. If you are looking for civil litigation lawyers, here are some FAQs on civil law litigation:

Question 1: What kind of cases civil litigation lawyers  handle?

Civil litigation lawyers handle legal disputes where two or more parties are seeking monetary compensation or an object. These disputes do not include criminal accusations. Civil litigation is incredibly broad. Some of the common cases that civil litigation lawyers handle include are:

  • Real estate disputes
  • Business disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes
  • Personal injury
  • Medical practice
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Divorce

Question 2: What do civil litigation lawyers do?

Civil litigation lawyers represent either defendants or plaintiffs who are involved in civil disputes. They specialize  in a particular area of law, such as business law or real estate laws. This allows them to have a more detailed knowledge of their practice area. Civil litigation lawyers 

  • Draft formal complaints or claims
  • Conduct depositions
  • Draft motions

They will offer clients advice as to the best trial strategy for each case. They also offer assistance with mediation and negotiation to settle the case out of court. Trial lawyers may also need to take their cases to court.

Question 3: Are civil litigation lawyers the same as the civil litigation paralegals?

No, civil litigation lawyers can represent you in the court of law. Civil litigation paralegals can’t practice law or represent you in the court. Besides that, the task of civil litigation paralegals is to work with civil litigation lawyers .  They

  • Assist with interviews
  • Prepare legal documents
  • Obtain copies of police reports, investigation files, and coroner’s findings
  • Manage schedules for clients and lawyers
  • Draft pre-trial disclosures
  • Attend trials and taking notes

Question 4: Why should you hire  civil litigation lawyers?

Here are some reasons to hire civil litigation lawyers to solve your disputes:

  • Know how strong your case: Whether you are involved in an accident or you have been unfairly treated, you need to know how strong your case is. Your desire for a specific outcome may outweigh the evidence that is there. Therefore, civil litigation lawyers can do case evaluation for you and you will know what the odds of succeeding in court are.
  • Protect your interest: Although hiring civil litigation lawyers represents a cost, they can help you protect your interests whether it’s division of assets during a divorce or defend your rights in case of a financial dispute.
  • Take care of legal paperwork: Legal paperwork can be quite complex, time consuming and tedious.  Even a slight mistake can lead to several delays. By hiring civil litigation lawyers, you ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of your legal filings.
  • Negotiate on your behalf: Not all civil litigation cases end up in a trial. You and the other party have the option of reaching a settlement prior to trial.  Out-of-court settlement is often quick and less expensive. Civil litigation lawyers could help you focus on what are the acceptable terms or not. Successful negotiations can save you time and money.

How to find good civil litigation lawyers in California?

To hire a good civil litigation lawyer, you should know the area of law applicable to your case.  David L. Fleck has many years of experience helping victims of fraud and dealing with lawsuits involving complex business disputes. He has represented many companies and individuals to recover property/money that was taken from them fraudulently. Get in touch with him.