In the US, one in 10 seniors living at home has experienced elder abuse. The most common form of elder abuse is financial. It happens when people misuse or take the assets of a senior for their own personal benefit. The financial exploitation of elders leaves them not just without money, but it could also mean seniors losing their independence and being subject to intimidation and isolation.

Some common signs of elder abuse scam are:

  • Sudden changes in bank account statements
  • Unpaid bills
  • Unauthorized use of an elder’s credit card
  • Unexpected money transfers
  • Abrupt changes in the will

If you are an elder abuse victim or you know someone who has been financially exploited, it is important to seek legal guidance from an attorney.

How can an elder abuse attorney help?

An elder abuse attorney can help seniors file a lawsuit and recover stolen funds from the perpetrator. However, for this it is important to hire an elder abuse attorney who has the right experience, skills, and right temperament.

Here we discuss some questions that you must ask when you are selecting an elder abuse attorney

Question 1: Does the attorney specialize in dealing with elder abuse scams?

Before selecting an elder abuse attorney in California, ensure that the attorney is an expert on elder abuse scam. Elder law itself is a broad category which includes real estate planning, elder abuse, power of attorney, and long-term care. Find an attorney who is an expert in the financial abuse area of elder law and has represented many elders in court.

Question 2: Has the lawyer dealt with similar cases before?

Once you have shortlisted elder abuse attorneys in California, ask whether they have dealt with cases similar to yours or not. Also, ask about the outcomes of the cases handled.

Question 3: How much doe the legal services cost?

The cost of hiring an elder abuse attorney in California varies based upon the type of work. Some attorneys bill on an hourly basis while bill on a flat fee basis. You must ask the attorneys about potential costs and fees. Good attorneys usually give an accurate breakdown of costs during the first initial meetings.

Question 4: What is the response time?

Before selecting an elder abuse attorney in California, find out how often the attorney communicates. For instance, busy attorneys may not be able to assure you of an immediate response. They may have response policies in place. For instance, some attorneys may respond within 24 hours while others may have juniors to take care of non-urgent queries. If you want to communicate one-on-one with the attorney, you must find out how the attorney prefers to communicate. 

Question 5: Is the attorney an expert in state law?

Many elder law cases are dependent on state laws, which change all the time. Ensure that the attorney you choose is well-acquainted with the state laws.

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